Meeting on Friday, 3rd Sept

Hi all,
Please see below for the meeting details:
Friday [3rd September]
Duration: 3pm to 6.30pm
Attire: Half-U with Unicorn Scarf
Duty PL / Patrol: Shark / Ann Peng
Duty Scouter: ASL Jerome
– All PLs are to bring their Patrol Logbooks for updating and checking. There will be a short PLC for PLs/APLs after meeting. Please prepare your patrol reports by then.
– Those who have yet to submit their consent forms for the Jamboree, please do so by this Friday.
Scouter Jeremy
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Congratulations and Holiday Courses

Hi all,

First of all, Congratulations to all those who have attained their Standards over the past one month:
Scout Standard
– Daniel 
– Huili
– Benson
– Kwong Shin
– Hoong Jing
– Wei Song
– Amalina
– Yen Hwee
– Mervyn
Adv Scout Standard
– Benjamin
– Chen Lu
– Casmond
– Weikang
– Ann Peng
– Alicia
First Class Scout Standard
– Kenneth
– Kah Kien
For those who have achieved your Standards, do continue to practice so that you won’t forget the skills you picked up. A good way to practice would be to impart your knowledge to your peers and juniors. In this way, you won’t forget what you learnt and your juniors get to pick up something new as well.
Mangrove Planting Programme (MPP)
The following who have given their names will be attending this programme. Please note that we take a very serious view of people who pull out of the courses at the last minute and thus deprive others of a slot for the course. Anyone who pulls out of the course, valid reason or otherwise, will not be given priority for the subsequent courses in future.
Those who are attending the MPP are:
1) Wei Song
2) Benson
3) Wei Han
4) Kelvin
5) Mervyn
6) Ze Zhou
7) Casmond
8) Siu Ling
9) Alicia
10) Ann Peng
11) Wei Ying
Participants are required to be dressed in the following:
1) 100th Anniversary Scarf (white scarf)
2) A T-shirt with Scout Logo in front (E.g. PLTC. Those who do not have can purchase one at the Scout Shop)
3) Long pants/track pants (will get wet and dirty so don’t wear your Scout pants)
4) Covered shoes or water-booties (no sandals, slippers allowed. We don’t want you to cut your feet)
Participants must be prepared to get wet and muddy and don’t mind getting their attire dirty. Please bring along an extra set of clothing to change.
In addition, all participants must bring the following:
1) One set of gloves each (not white gloves, but those gloves used for gardening)
2) Small spades or shovels (will be provided by unit. QM, please make arrangements to purchase them before holidays)
Basic Photography Course
I am thinking of conducting a Basic Photography Course for all those who are interested. However, to ensure that everyone gets sufficient attention, I can only conduct for a small group of up to 8 people at any one time. This course will touch on the basics of photography, how to utilize your camera effectively, framing of your subjects and other topics. It’ll probably take 2 days where we’ll also go out and do some practical sessions. 
The minimum requirements will be: 
1) camera (Handphone cameras are allowed but your camera should at least be able to shoot above 3 mega pixels, and have the functions such as focus, ISO, white balance and similar functions that can be found on a camera. Do check with me if unsure).
Those who are interested, please sms me or drop a note in the tagboard.
Scouter Jeremy
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Meeting and District Campfire [Sat, 28th Aug]

Hi all,

Please take note of the meeting details this coming Saturday. There will not be any meeting on Friday.
District Campfire @ Southview Primary [Sat, 28th Aug]
Assembly Point: Unity Secondary
Assembly Time: 2pm
Duration: 2pm – 10pm (latest)
Attire: Full Uniform with BP Scarf (Bring Half-U)
Duty PL / Patrol: Alicia / Seahorse
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
– Please have your lunch before turning up for meeting. Do bring some money along for dinner as well. For those who have yet to hand in your consent forms for the Jamboree/Campfire, please bring them along by this week.
– Those who are helping with the firepit (Jing Yang, Jovan & Ashley), please report to Southview Pri directly by 12.30pm in PT kit. Bring your full-u. 
– There will be a one-way transport provided to Southview Primary.
Scouter Jeremy
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Meeting on Friday [20th August]

Hi all,
Please take note of the details for this coming Friday’s meeting:
Friday [20th August]
Fall-in Timing: 3pm (Duty Patrol to be 15 mins earlier)
Attire: Full-Uniform + PT Kit
Duration: 3pm – 6.30pm
Duty Patrol / PL: Whale / Huili
Duty Scouter: AL Yu Xiong
– This week, we’ll be commencing on our Individual Team Training (ITT). In case you have forgotten, the teams which you are in are stated below.
– Performers for next week’s BP District CF, you are required to do a demo for us (the leaders) to QC after Scout meeting.
– Duty PL is required to plan a half-hour activity for the unit.
World Conservation Badge

On behalf of the Singapore Scout Association (SSA), the National Programme Council would like to invite you and your youth members to participate in a Mangrove Planting Programme as part of the Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Discovery organised with a focus on environment.  Aimed at increasing awareness in caring for the environment, this programme is organised jointly with Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR).


2.            The participants will also be able to complete part of the assessment for the World Scout Environment Programme (WSEP) which focuses on the environment and encourages Scouts to have an awareness of Mother Earth and how their daily actions can affect their surroundings.  With increased awareness, a greater sense of personal responsibility for the environment will be inculcated in all Scouts.  The Mangrove Planting Programme affords a good opportunity for our youth members to work together and do their part for the community.


The Administrative details are as follow:-


Date:                                 Tuesday, 07 September 2010

Venue:                             Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve

 Time:                                 2.00pm to 5.00pm (Participants to meet at 1.45pm)

 Description:                    Participants will be planting mangrove saplings along the coastlines.  

This is done to increase mangrove flora diversity and population at the areas affected by coastal erosion and pollution. 

 Eligibility:                         Scout, Venture Scout, Rover Scout
No. of Pax:                      Maximum 30 pax (Limited up to one patrol of 8 persons per Unit, on a first come first serve basis)

 Attire:                               100th Anniversary Scarf with Scout Tee (Scout emblem in front, i.e. PLTC T-shirts). Long pants, booties or covered shoes/sneakers and extra set of clothing.

 Things to bring:             1 set of gloves, a few small garden spades/shovel per Unit.
Registration Fee:          
Free of charge
Transportation:             Participants will need to arrange for their own transportation in and out of SBWR as no transport will be provided.  We encourage all interested Units to pool their resources to arrange for transport.

 Closing Date:                  20 August 2010

NPC Team A
Wei Song
Wang Bin
Kwong Shin
Hoong Jing
Heng Hui
Ying Jian
NPC Team B
Jing Yang
Li Ping
NPC Team C
Wei Kang
Yen Hwee
Siu Ling
Ying Ting
Wei Ying
Pioneering Team G
Chia Hsuan
Ann Peng
Maintenance Team 
Ze Zhou
Wei Han
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Combined Meeting on Saturday, 14th Aug

Hi all,

It has been a long time since we had a combined meeting with all our units, Dunearn Sec and Unity Pri. It’ll be great to network and have fun with the rest (cubs especially). Details as follow:
Combined Meeting [Saturday, 14th Aug]
Fall-in Timing: 8.30am (Duty Patrol + all PLs to fall in by 8am)
Attire: Full Uniform with Unicorn Scarf (Bring PT Kit)
Duration: 8.30am to 3.30pm
Duty PL / Patrol: Wei Kang / Bear
Duty Scouter: GSL Noel Wong
– Lunch will be catered for so just have your breakfast before coming to school. 
– As we are the holding school, Duty Patrol and PLs are required to come earlier to build flag-pole. It’ll be a 1-1 flag-pole. QM, please ensure all equipment is prepared.
The following have yet to submit their DD booklets as of today (Wed, Aug 11th)
– Jasper
– Wei Song
– Jovan
– Ashley
– Clement
– Erwin
– Wang Bin 
– Casmond
– Cliff
– Mervyn
– Nickson
– Hoong Jing
– Chia Hsuan
– Julia
– Huili
– Sharlene
– Mandy
– Siu Ling
– Amalina
– Vivian
– Alicia
– Vivian
– Ze Zhou
Please submit it by tomorrow else will be considered sold. HQ does not accept booklets that are partially sold. So even if there is only one ticket sold, the whole booklet is considered sold. Please take note.
Scouter Jeremy

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NDP Final Rehearsal and Actual Day

Hi all,

First of all, I want to commend all those who took the time and effort to attend all the NDP rehearsals (this also applies to all those who has valid excuses such as Learning Journeys, Science Workshops and Chinese Cultural Excursion). Our marching, especially the Sec 1s and 2s, have improved a lot over a short period of time, and I hope that everyone will be able to give their best and put on a good show on Friday. Some details to take note of:
Final Rehearsal [Wed, 4th August]
Assemble Time: 2.35pm outside Scouts Den
Attire: Half-U (School/Scout T-shirt and school trousers/skirt)
– No one is to have any plans on this day as far as possible. We have been understrength for most of the rehearsals and this being the final one, we want both our contingents to be full.
CCA Handing/Taking over representatives (Kenneth and Jasper) are to be present with the CCA significant item at the Parade Square by 3pm sharp!
NDP Actual Day [Fri, 6th August]
Assemble Time: 6.30am outside Scouts Den
Attire: Full Uniform (white scarf, beret, gloves)
– Please have your breakfast before coming to school. It is important because we don’t want anyone fainting half-way.
– Do ensure your uniform is in tip-top condition! All badges to be sewn up properly.
– PLs to remind everyone to bring the essential items, especially white scarf, woggle, gloves.
– Those who have yet to buy your marching boots, do so before Friday. You’ll need to season them as well, else you’ll end up with blisters.
Scouter Jeremy
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Meeting on Friday [30th July]

Hi all,

Please note that there will be a meeting on Friday, 30th July shortly before the combined NDP rehearsal. We will be doing our badge presentation as well as promotion during this time. Details as below:
Friday [30th July]
Commencement of Ceremony: 2.15pm sharp
Location: Monkey Bar area beside D&T block
Attire: Full Uniform with beret
Notes: All patrols should be formed and ready by the time stated above. Contingent Commander will double up as the duty-PL for that day. PLs to ensure all members are accounted for.
Scouter Jeremy
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