Meeting on Wed [20th Oct]

Hi all,

As Friday is promotion day, we’ll be shifting the meeting to this coming Wednesday. Our programme for this meeting will include briefing about the upcoming Combined Overseas Camp, Jamboree, launching of our new scout website as well as the exciting activities that we have lined up for you during the school hols (abseiling etc.) Please take note of the details below:

Wednesday [20th October]
Assembly Point: Scouts Den
Duration: 3pm – 6.30pm
Attire: Half-U with Scarf (Unicorn Tee preferably else Scout/Sch Tee)
Duty Patrol / PL: Panther / Nickson
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
– PLs, please bring along your patrol logbook. Sir Shafri will be down for a short inspection.
– As this will be one, if not the last meeting for this Term, please keep this day free as there will be a couple of important announcements to be made.

Scouter Jeremy




Hi all,

As you can see, our blog has moved from Spaces.Live to WordPress. It would seem that Spaces.Live have tied up with WordPress and are thus shifting its operations over to this new webhost, which explains why Spaces.Live has been  so laggy the past couple of weeks.

This afternoon, I was ‘forced’ to migrate the site to WordPress as it’ll seem that Spaces.Live would not be supported any longer. However, I’ve also decided to shut down this blog as there are many functions which are not supported. By the time you finish your exams, we’ll have a brand new blog with easier navigation and functions so stay tuned!

Scouter Jeremy

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