Last Meeting – Lantern Festival Celebration [24th Sep]

Hi all,

In view of upcoming exams, this will be our last official meeting before CCA stand-down for the next month or so. As a result, since we are in the midst of lantern festival, we will be having a really special meeting this coming Friday. Ms Hamida will be teaching us how to make snowskin mooncakes and everyone can bring home at least 2 of your own creation for your family to try! See below for more details:
Friday [24th September]
Assembly area: Scouts Den
Duration: 4pm – 8.30pm 
Attire: PT Kit (extra change – see below for details)
Duty Patrol / PL : Tiger / Jasper
Duty Scouter: ASL Jerome
– No flag-raising/lowering for this meeting.
– Dinner is provided in School before heading to the Park.
– We will be going to the CCK Park after dinner and in the spirit of the festival, lanterns will be provided for everyone! Those who wish to bring candles to light may do so as well.
– You are encouraged to leave your school bags at home. Report to school in your PT kit but if you wish to, do bring an extra set of outside clothes to change before we head to the Park. You might want to bring a small bag to keep your valuables as well.
Scouter Jeremy
PS: Those who attended the Photography Course during the Sept Holiday, do bring your cameras along. It’ll be a good opportunity to do some food + night photography, especially with the many coloured lanterns and candles which will create a very nice effect. Those who are interested as well, bring your cameras along too!
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