No meeting this Friday [17th Sep]

Hi all,

Due to Teachers’ Day Lunch on Friday, there will be no meeting this coming week. Have a good break! =)
For all PLs (Clement, Wei Kang, Nickson, Jasper, Casmond, Ann Peng, Sharlene, Huili), QM (Daniel), KM (Erwin) and Scribe (Wei Han), there will be a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) this coming Wednesday at 2.45pm, Scouts Den. Please prepare your Patrol Report. 
Patrol Report to include the following:
1) Attendance of Patrol Members (including yourself)
2) Members Progress
3) Targets until EOY
4) Issues & Problems + suggested Solutions
QM/KM Report
1) Items that are damaged/spoilt
2) Replacement items
3) Suggestions and projected budget
If for any reason the PL is unable to attend, please send your APL to attend on behalf of you. Of course, any decisions made by your APL cannot be reverted as he/she is representing the patrol on your behalf.
Scouter Jeremy
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