Congratulations and Holiday Courses

Hi all,

First of all, Congratulations to all those who have attained their Standards over the past one month:
Scout Standard
– Daniel 
– Huili
– Benson
– Kwong Shin
– Hoong Jing
– Wei Song
– Amalina
– Yen Hwee
– Mervyn
Adv Scout Standard
– Benjamin
– Chen Lu
– Casmond
– Weikang
– Ann Peng
– Alicia
First Class Scout Standard
– Kenneth
– Kah Kien
For those who have achieved your Standards, do continue to practice so that you won’t forget the skills you picked up. A good way to practice would be to impart your knowledge to your peers and juniors. In this way, you won’t forget what you learnt and your juniors get to pick up something new as well.
Mangrove Planting Programme (MPP)
The following who have given their names will be attending this programme. Please note that we take a very serious view of people who pull out of the courses at the last minute and thus deprive others of a slot for the course. Anyone who pulls out of the course, valid reason or otherwise, will not be given priority for the subsequent courses in future.
Those who are attending the MPP are:
1) Wei Song
2) Benson
3) Wei Han
4) Kelvin
5) Mervyn
6) Ze Zhou
7) Casmond
8) Siu Ling
9) Alicia
10) Ann Peng
11) Wei Ying
Participants are required to be dressed in the following:
1) 100th Anniversary Scarf (white scarf)
2) A T-shirt with Scout Logo in front (E.g. PLTC. Those who do not have can purchase one at the Scout Shop)
3) Long pants/track pants (will get wet and dirty so don’t wear your Scout pants)
4) Covered shoes or water-booties (no sandals, slippers allowed. We don’t want you to cut your feet)
Participants must be prepared to get wet and muddy and don’t mind getting their attire dirty. Please bring along an extra set of clothing to change.
In addition, all participants must bring the following:
1) One set of gloves each (not white gloves, but those gloves used for gardening)
2) Small spades or shovels (will be provided by unit. QM, please make arrangements to purchase them before holidays)
Basic Photography Course
I am thinking of conducting a Basic Photography Course for all those who are interested. However, to ensure that everyone gets sufficient attention, I can only conduct for a small group of up to 8 people at any one time. This course will touch on the basics of photography, how to utilize your camera effectively, framing of your subjects and other topics. It’ll probably take 2 days where we’ll also go out and do some practical sessions. 
The minimum requirements will be: 
1) camera (Handphone cameras are allowed but your camera should at least be able to shoot above 3 mega pixels, and have the functions such as focus, ISO, white balance and similar functions that can be found on a camera. Do check with me if unsure).
Those who are interested, please sms me or drop a note in the tagboard.
Scouter Jeremy
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