Combined Meeting on Saturday, 14th Aug

Hi all,

It has been a long time since we had a combined meeting with all our units, Dunearn Sec and Unity Pri. It’ll be great to network and have fun with the rest (cubs especially). Details as follow:
Combined Meeting [Saturday, 14th Aug]
Fall-in Timing: 8.30am (Duty Patrol + all PLs to fall in by 8am)
Attire: Full Uniform with Unicorn Scarf (Bring PT Kit)
Duration: 8.30am to 3.30pm
Duty PL / Patrol: Wei Kang / Bear
Duty Scouter: GSL Noel Wong
– Lunch will be catered for so just have your breakfast before coming to school. 
– As we are the holding school, Duty Patrol and PLs are required to come earlier to build flag-pole. It’ll be a 1-1 flag-pole. QM, please ensure all equipment is prepared.
The following have yet to submit their DD booklets as of today (Wed, Aug 11th)
– Jasper
– Wei Song
– Jovan
– Ashley
– Clement
– Erwin
– Wang Bin 
– Casmond
– Cliff
– Mervyn
– Nickson
– Hoong Jing
– Chia Hsuan
– Julia
– Huili
– Sharlene
– Mandy
– Siu Ling
– Amalina
– Vivian
– Alicia
– Vivian
– Ze Zhou
Please submit it by tomorrow else will be considered sold. HQ does not accept booklets that are partially sold. So even if there is only one ticket sold, the whole booklet is considered sold. Please take note.
Scouter Jeremy

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