NDP Final Rehearsal and Actual Day

Hi all,

First of all, I want to commend all those who took the time and effort to attend all the NDP rehearsals (this also applies to all those who has valid excuses such as Learning Journeys, Science Workshops and Chinese Cultural Excursion). Our marching, especially the Sec 1s and 2s, have improved a lot over a short period of time, and I hope that everyone will be able to give their best and put on a good show on Friday. Some details to take note of:
Final Rehearsal [Wed, 4th August]
Assemble Time: 2.35pm outside Scouts Den
Attire: Half-U (School/Scout T-shirt and school trousers/skirt)
– No one is to have any plans on this day as far as possible. We have been understrength for most of the rehearsals and this being the final one, we want both our contingents to be full.
CCA Handing/Taking over representatives (Kenneth and Jasper) are to be present with the CCA significant item at the Parade Square by 3pm sharp!
NDP Actual Day [Fri, 6th August]
Assemble Time: 6.30am outside Scouts Den
Attire: Full Uniform (white scarf, beret, gloves)
– Please have your breakfast before coming to school. It is important because we don’t want anyone fainting half-way.
– Do ensure your uniform is in tip-top condition! All badges to be sewn up properly.
– PLs to remind everyone to bring the essential items, especially white scarf, woggle, gloves.
– Those who have yet to buy your marching boots, do so before Friday. You’ll need to season them as well, else you’ll end up with blisters.
Scouter Jeremy
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