NDP Trainings and News Updates

Hi all,
Please take note of the following News & Notices. PLs, do keep your patrols informed.
NDP Trainings
As NDP is around the corner, there will be intensive footdrill training for all. Do take note that the trainings are not only for Scouts, but for all Uniform Groups and is scheduled by the School. This year, we will be fielding 1 Boys Contingent (18 + 1 CC), 1 combined Red Cross/Scouts Girls Contingent (12), Flag Raiser (1), Flag Bearers (2 – National & School), CCA Flag Bearer (1) and 5 Reserves. In total, we will need everyone’s participation. Attendance will be marked and taken into account for overall CCA attendance, so unless you have a valid excuse (either MC on that day or letter), you are required to attend all trainings.
There will be a special incentive for those who attend all trainings and rehearsals. Stay tuned!
Troop Secretary
With effect from 10th July, Wei Han will be replacing Chia Hsuan as the Troop Secretary for Semester 2. Chia Hsuan will assume the post as Asst. Secretary. All attendance matters are to be directed to Wei Han. Should he be unavailable for meetings, Chia Hsuan will take over.
PL/APL Promotion / Badge Presentation
There will be a PL Promotion and Badge Presentation on 30th July. All PLs & APLs who have not achieved their Adv SS and SS are to do so before this date. Those who are interested in pursuing their Proficiency Badges can do so as well before this date. I will also be giving out the Bumble Bee Badges for Job Week. Please remove your old Bumble Bee Badges from your uniforms before this date.
Meeting on Sat, 17th July & Campfire @ Greenridge Sec
Reporting Time: 1pm (For all except those who are going for their First Aid course in the morning)
Duration: 12.30pm – 10.30pm
Attire: Full Uniform with Unicorn Scarf (Bring PT Kit)
Duty PL / Patrol: Wei Kang / Mousedeer
Duty Scouter: AL Patrick
– Please bring your green Scout booklet. We will be starting on our Individual Team Training (ITT) this week.
Scouter Jeremy
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