Scout Meeting – 2nd July 2010

Hi Unity Scouts

We will be starting our scout meeting for the next half of the year. This friday will be our first semester meeting. Here are the details

Friday Meeting – [2nd July 2010]
Venue: Scout Den
Duration: 3.30pm to 6.30pm
Attire: Full-uniform and Half-U, (Pt kit for pioneering team)
Duty Patrol / PL: Lion / Casmond
Duty Scouter: AL Yu Xiong
Notes: Please remember bring you scout green booklet. PLs are to bring your logbook for reflection.

Everyone, please bring your Donation Draw tickets, sold or unsold. For those who have sold, please bring the money as well.

We are having a district pioneering competition on Saturday and 8 warriors will be involved in building the structure. The theme is ‘clean and green’, and hence we need to make use of recycled materials to incorporate into the design. Will appreciate it alot if everyone can chip in and collect a minimum of 20 plastic bottles by this Friday meeting. The plastic bottle has to be exactly 500ml. You can ask from your friends for their used bottles etc.

See you on friday!

Yours in Scouting
Mohamad Shafri(Raging Ram)

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