1-star Kayaking Instructions [24th & 25th June]

Hi all,

Just a reminder to those who are going for the 1-star kayaking. Instructions as follows:
1-star Kayaking [Thu & Fri: 24th & 25th June]
Reporting Time: 7.45am
Course Duration: 9am to 6pm
Attire: T-shirt (dark tee for girls), shorts and covered shoes/water boots
Things to Bring:
1) Toiletries & towel for washing up
2) A change of clothing
3) Personal medications (plaster etc.)
4) Sunscreen (strongly advisable to apply. You don’t want to get a very bad sunburn)
5) Hat/Cap (optional but good to have)
6) Water bottle (a must bring)
7) Ziplock bag to keep your wet clothing
8) Extra money for lunch (about $15 for 2 days)
Additional instructions:
No sandals/slippers are allowed. Students who come in inappropriate footwear will not be allowed to proceed with the course. You can, however, bring a pair of slippers to wear when washing up. 
A reminder not to be late as the bus will leave by 8am sharp.
The following are the confirmed participants going for the kayaking course:
1) Kelvin
2) Benson
3) Wei Song
4) Justin
5) Wang Bin
6) Mervyn
7) Kwong Shin
8) Cliff
9) Siu Ling
10) Amalina
11) Xuanyi
Scouter Jeremy
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