Malaysia International Friendship Jamboree 2010 [25th to 30th June]

Hi all,

I know this is late but we received a circular from Scout HQ for the following activity. Do read through the details first:
Malaysia International Friendship Jamboree 2010 [25th to 30th June]
Venue: Penang, Malaysia
Sponser: MOE, Malaysia
Organizer: Education Department of Penang
1) To further strengthen the close relationship of Scouts from ASEAN regions, specifically Thailand and countries bordering Malaysia through international friendship.
2) To build the identity of participants to appreciate peace and live in harmony in addition to rousing their spirit of loving their country.
3) To give participants the opportunity to build skills, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, expand creativity and develop the spirit of friendship and harmony.
4) To learn and understand the culture, language, religion and customs of communities from neighbouring countries in he ASEAN spirit.
5) To build closer relationship between the NGO uniform units of Malaysia with the international participants.
Activities/Program (Samples)
1) Pioneering Activities: Building an actual gateway from bamboo.
2) Water Activities: Water confidence & basic canoeing. 
3) Hiking: Hike up Bt. Mertajam Hill in Cherok To’ Kun
4) Culture: Wedding ceremony of various races, local dance and boria
5) Obstacle Course: Existing obstacle course at PUSAKO
6) Handycraft: Making key chain from palm fruit seed or husk
7) Educational Tour: George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site Trail
8) Traditional Games: Sepak Raga, Sepak Bulu Ayam, etc.
Participants Required: 5 boys and 5 girls

– The jamboree will be opened to all participants from 13 to 17 years of age.
This will be a 6D5N camp which will commence next Friday and end on the follow Wedesday (school reopens). Do take note that you will be missing the first 3 days of school should you be interested to go.
– The whole event is free (sponsered by MOE, Malaysia) and participants will only be required to bring money for miscellaneous expenditure.
This event is tentative and has to be subjected to the school’s approval first since it will carry on into the first 3 days of school. However, interested participants can state their availability and interest first before we get the school’s confirmation. Those who are interested, please sms Ms. Hamida or myself.
Scouter Jeremy
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