Patrol Leader Training Course 2010

Hey unity scouts

I hope that leadership camp has prepared you for this upcoming camp. On the 4th to 6th June, Bukit Panjang District will be organizing a PLTC for aspiring PLs. Here are the details

Patrol Leaders Training Course 2010
Venue: Dunearn Secondary School
Date: 4th – 6th June 2010
Report Timing: 7.15am @ Unity Secondary

Notes: There will be a one way transport provided to Dunearn Secondary. Do be punctual as the bus will leave by 7.30am sharp as we have to be at Dunearn by 8am. We will break camp at 12 noon on Sunday (6th June).

Anyway, i have blog out the camp kit list for your reference.
Everything should be clearly marked with your name and water-proofed
1.Scout Uniform
     a.Shirt / Blouse
     b.Pants / Culottes
     c.National Scarf + Woggle
     d.Black Canvas shoes with lace
     e.Scout socks
2.Identification card or EZ Link Card
3.Sneakers / Canvas shoes (For activities)
4.Slippers / sport sandals (for use in the shower only)
5.Socks x 2 pairs (minimum)
6.Scout / school t-shirt and shorts/track pants – at least 3 sets
7.Windbreaker / Jacket
8.Undergarments x 4 sets
9.Personal toiletries  (Soap/shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, comb, bath towel)
10.Toilet roll (at least 1 roll)
11.Mess Tin – 1 set
12.Fork / Spoon
13.Cup / Mug (No disposables)
14.Poncho or raincoat
16.Torchlight (to be fitted with batteries)
17.Notebook and stationery (pen, colour pencil, pencil, eraser, scissors, glue)
18.Water bottle (at least 500ml)
19.Insect repellant (optional)
20.Sun block lotion/lip balm/moisturizer (optional)
21.Rags (for cleaning purposes)
22.Clothes hanger (at least 2) – Important!
23.Sleeping Bag (compulsory)
24.Personal medication / first aid kit
25.Sewing kit (needle & thread)
26.Swiss Knife (optional)
27.Uniform Cover (optional)
28.Clothes line (optional)
29. Soap
30. Sponge

Please do not bring snacks, large amount of cash or other valuable item. We will not be responsible for any loss of belongings. All valuables will be collected for safe-keeping at the beginning of session. Hope you will enjoy this camp and learn from it.

SL Shafri(Raging Ram)

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