Leadership Training Camp – 29 to 30 May 2010

Hi all

I hope you all scouts have gotten your result and are very happy with what you get. I am looking forward to seeing your result. Anyway, this coming Saturday we are having our Leadership Training Camp Conducted by our Patrol Leaders. It is a 2 day 1 night camp. So do give your support in this camp. ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY.

Leadership Training Camp [29 – 30th May]
Time: 8am(1st day) – 3.30pm(2nd day)
Time to Report: 8am Sharp
Notes: Report in your Full uniform.

Here are your camp kit list.
Everything should be clearly marked with your name and water-proof
1.Scout Uniform
      a. Shirt / Blouse
      b. Pants / Culottes
      c. National Scarf + Woggle
     d. Black Canvas shoes with lace
     e. Scout socks
     f. Belt
     g. Beret
2. Identification card or EZ Link Card
3. Sneakers / Canvas shoes (For activities)
4. Slippers / sport sandals (for use in the shower only)
5. Socks – extra pairs apart from Scout socks
6. Scout / school t-shirt and shorts/track pants – at least 3 sets
7. Windbreaker / Jacket
8. Undergarments – sufficient for 2 days
9. Personal toiletries : Soap/shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, comb, bath towel
10. Toilet roll (at least 1 roll)
11. Mess Tin (at least 2)
12. Fork / Spoon
13. Cup / Mug No disposables
14. Poncho / raincoat
15. Groundsheet (at least 1)
16. Torchlight (to be fitted with batteries)
17. Notebook and stationery
18. Water bottle (at least 500ml)
19. Insect repellant
20. Sun block lotion/lip balm/moisturizer (optional)
21. Rags (for cleaning purposes)
22. Clothes hanger (at least 2)
23. Sleeping Bag (compulsory)
24. Personal medication / first aid kit
25. Swiss Knife (optional)
26. Uniform Cover (optional)

I hope you are prepared for the camp. Please give your support to your PLs for this camp. I will see you this Saturday!

SL Shafri(Raging Ram)

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