Donation Draw and Entitlements

Hi all,

This year was the first year where we managed to hit the 5 digit mark, earning a total of slightly over $11k for Job Week. As a unit which is just celebrating its 10 years anniversary of establishment, it is a highly commendable effort where everyone chipped in to raise funds for both HQ as well as the unit. Half of this sum of money will be returned to us as HQ funds and this will provide us the opportunity to plan more enrichment activities for the whole unit. However, I’d like to remind everyone that the money that we collected is not only the hard work put by you guys in doing Job Week, but is also the hard-earned money of those who have contributed in return for a Job done. As such, we have to be wise in spending these money and not let even a single dollar go to waste especially when budgeting for our activities. 
In addition, we are issued a total of $7k worth of Donation Draw (DD) booklets. That works out to 700 booklets which I am hoping to clear everything. Let this year be a significant one where we can achieve our targets. Remember, it only works out to $3500 being returned to the unit if we clear all 700 booklets since we only receive half the amount. Here is what you can achieve:
Squirrel Badge
Green: 10 booklets
Bronze: 20 booklets
Silver: 35 booklets
Gold: >45 booklets
For those who think that this targets are unrealistic, please note that previously, one booklet has 10 tickets. As of 2008, one booklet has only 5 tickets. Again, Silver and Gold standards will be raised so as to give recognition to those who make the extra bit of effort to sell these amount. 
In addition, the first 12 Scouts who can sell 35 booklets or more will be entitled Dinner at either Sakura Buffet or equivalent. I’m sure those of you who enjoyed the lunch at Sakura for Job Week will find it worthwhile. =) 
For Sec 4s, if you are also interested in participating in the above, as long as you can sell 25 booklets, you are also entitled to be part of the 12.
Also, this year, we are going to make another unit tee for the group, so the funding (either partial or full) will depend on whether how many DD booklets we can clear. By the way, those who are good at designing or have any ideas for the unit tee are welcomed to submit your designs to me.
Things to take note of:
1) Please do not sell DD tickets at public places. E.g. MRT stations, bus interchanges etc. 
2) You are not required to sell DD tickets in your full uniform but you are required to put on a Scout tee (minimum requirements) at least. It’ll be difficult to justify especially if others inquire about you or the unit. Also, do be presentable and not go around dressed shabbily. Remember, you are representing the unit as well as the Scout Association.
3) Don’t be a nuisance and always remember to be polite. Your Scout Law and Promise applies in whatever you do.
4) Do note that you have the whole of June to sell your tickets so don’t wait till before school reopens and start to sell. Remember, Scouts from other units will most likely think the same way so it is best to start early.
For those who would like additional booklets, do feel free to contact me. The booklets are all in school, so if you think you can clear Silver or Gold amount, get it from me before school closes for the holiday.
Scouter Jeremy
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