Cub Scout Hike [Sat, 10th Apr]

Hi Scouts,

Due to Awards Nite, there will be no Scout Meeting on Fri, 9th April. Meeting will resume next Friday. However, there will be a Cub Scout Hike on Saturday, 10th April and we’re tasked to assist South View Primary in the hike. This hike requires only boys from our unit. This will also be counted as part of the Adv Scout Standard criteria for rendering assistance to a cub scout unit. The details are as follow:
Cub Scout Hike [Sat, 10th April] – For Scouts (boys) only
Assembly area: South View Primary (map here: Southview Primary)
Duration: 7.15am to 1pm
Attire: Full Uniform (unicorn scarf)
– Do have your breakfast before reporting 
– Bring along the following:
1) Water bottle, at least 500ml, full
2) Extra t-shirt
3) Mosquito repellent
4) Money for lunch (not sure if lunch is provided so just in case)
Those boys who are not able to go have to inform either Ms. Hamida, Scouter Shafri or myself in advance.

Scouter Jeremy
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