Sec 4 Stand down

Hi all,
Four years have just flashed by and our Sec 4 Scouts, which includes the pioneer batch of girl Scouts, are standing down from CCA to concentrate on the next milestone in their lives, the ‘O/N’ Levels. However, I hope this is not the end of Scouting for you, but rather a new beginning. It is a transition from doing Scouting as a CCA to embracing Scouting as a way of life based on its core values as well as the Promise and Law which will hopefully guide you as you go through life’s journeys. As SM Goh remarked recently during Founder’s Day, the values of loyalty, responsibility and being prepared are timeless and our Scout Motto ‘Be Prepared’ is a mindset that permeates throughout the Govt as they deal with various situations such as the financial crisis.
The third Scout Law ‘A Scout Makes Friends, Establishes and Maintains Harmonious Relations’ is therefore one of the hardest Scout Law to keep because friendship requires more than just 4 years to nurture. I do hope that the bonds you have forged in these 4 years of Secondary School life can continue even as each one of you move on to your respective paths after graduation. From my personal experience, I am glad to remain in Scouting because of the bonds I forged with my peers and friends as they are the ones who kept me going and the camaraderie that I share with my fellow Scouts is something that cannot be replaced.
For the Sec 3s, you are now in the driving seat and how the unit progresses will depend on how the next batch of PLs lead the unit. I hope to see more initiative coming from the PLs as you take ownership of the weekly programmes and forge a unique identity that makes Unity Unicorn stand out. You don’t have to wait for a month or two for the next PLC to take place. Instead, I’d encourage PLs/APLs to have your own PLC/patrol meetings so as to keep the Scouting spirit going on amongst all.
Last but not the least, I promise we’ll have a proper chalet soon in the June holidays so that everyone can have a good time together as a unit.
Scouter Jeremy
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