Meeting and Group Outing on Sat, 27th Mar

Hi all,

As there will be a group outing this coming Saturday, we have decided to push the meeting from Friday to Saturday instead. Below are the details:
Meeting for Sec 1 – 3 [Sat, 27th Mar]
Meeting Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 1130am to 430pm [10am for all newly elected post-holders]
Attire: Full Uniform (bring PE Attire)
Duty Patrol / PL: Bear / Clement
Duty Scouter: SL Shafri
– Please have an early lunch before reporting to school.
– There will be the first formal Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) for all newly elected post-holders. The list includes all PLs/APLs, Secretary, AQM, AKM. You are required to be in your full uniform before the start of the PLC, so do come prepared. Bring along your stationery.
– This meeting will focus on test-taking, so do bring along your green Scout booklet.
Flag Day CIP for Sec 4 [Sat, 27th Mar]
Meeting Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 10am – 3pm
Attire: Full Scout Uniform
IC: Mr Lim 
– Assemble in school first before setting off to CCK Lot 1 to sell Flags. 
– Please note that this is a compulsory CIP for all Sec 4s, and we’ll want to complete and let everyone fulfill the required CIP points as soon as possible rather than putting it on another day.
Group ORD BBQ @ Sembawang Park 
Meeting Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 430pm to 10pm
Attire: Casual Wear (tees, berms, shorts, sandals etc.)
– We would strongly encourage all Scouts to bring a set of casual wear to change into before we set off for Sembawang Park. 
– There will be a two-way transport provided.
– In addition, we will conduct the lucky draw for the Job Week prize there, so those that are not present will not be issued with the lucky draw tickets and won’t be able to participate in the draw. 
Scouter Jeremy
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