New Post-holders for 2010

Congratulations to the new Post-holders of 2010!

They are:
Tiger PL: Jasper
Tiger APL: Weisong
Panther PL: Nickson
Panther APL: Hoong Jing
Lion PL: Casmond
Lion APL: Kwong Shin
Mousedeer PL: Weikang
Mousedeer APL: Benson
Whale PL: Huili
Whale APL: Julia
Seahorse PL: Sharlene
Seahorse APL: Alicia
Bear PL: Clement
Bear APL: Kelvin
Shark PL: Ann Peng
Shark APL: Amalina
As communicated, all PLs and APLs will only receive your bars once you have achieved your Adv Scouts Standard or Scouts Standard respectively. There will be a 3 months probation for you to not only achieve your respective standards, but for us to monitor your progress. 
Congratulations to the following who were also promoted to the rank of Senior Patrol Leader. They are:
Tiger SPL: Kenneth
Panther SPL: Zhu Zhi
The rank of SPL is a recognition of the individual’s efforts in doing his best and contributing towards the unit in the duration of his Scouting lifetime in Secondary School. As such, the rank of SPL is not given lightly, but is awarded based on merit, not only in Scouting, but also in studies and how you can balance both your CCA and your study commitments and at the same time, achieve your best in both areas. 
On behalf of the unit, we would also like to thank all the out-going PLs who will be stepping down to concentrate on their O levels. Do hope that you can continue to be a part of the Unicorn family even after you graduate.
Unity Scout Leaders
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