Job Week Camp [12th – 15th Mar]

Hi all,

Job Week season is here again and this time round, we hope to push our JW earnings past the 5 digit mark. With a total strength of 56, our unit has progressed from humble beginnings to our current state, and we’ll definitely need much more funds so as to send as many of you on courses and enrichment programmes. I hope that we can all work together to push ourselves, but at the same time appreciate the amount of hard work that our parents put in to bring in the money by being in their shoes for a few days. Please take note of the details below:
Job Week Camp [Fri, 12th Mar – Mon, 15th Mar]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 6.30pm, Fri till 6.30pm, Mon
Fall-in Attire: Half-U
Camp OIC: Ms Nadiah (Dunearn)
– We’ll be doing our promotion for incoming PLs/APLs on Sunday. 
– Those who have valid reasons (e.g. sec 4 extra lessons on Mon) are allowed to go for the duration of the event/activity before continuing with Job Week. I’d also strongly encourage those with tuition or external programmes to re-schedule them to another day if possible as these few days are important. Also, unless you have valid reasons and have approached either myself or any of the teachers way before hand and granted consent, we do not accept last minute ‘no show-ups’ and excuses. Let’s be fair to the rest of the unit who have made the effort to be present for the camp.
– Do have your dinner before turning up on Friday evening.
All subsequent breakfasts/dinners will be provided.
– During the last meeting, there are many of you who don’t have woggles. The Scout Den is not a shop, please go and purchase your woggles and whatever missing items from the Scout Shop before turning up.
– Please also ensure that your ez-link card is top up especially if you plan to travel a bit.
– Packing list below. Do pack according to the list given.
Packing List
– 1 x Full Uniform with Unicorn scarf. (no white socks, faded woggles, etc.)
– 1 x extra socks
– 4 sets of clothing (t-shirts, shorts, undergarments. t-shirts can be home tee if insufficient)
– 1 extra t-shirt for Job Week (this must be either school/scout tee for Mon wear)
– Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver)
– 1 x towel
– 2 x hangers
– 1 x sandals/slippers
– 1 x sleeping bag (compulsory item unless you want to sleep on the hard classroom floor for 3 days, pillows optional)
– 1 x sweater/jacket (optional unless you have no sleeping bag)
– 2-3 ballpoint pens (black or blue)
– Money for all lunches (At least $15)
– A small pouch/sling bag for your valuables when going out for JW 
– 1 ziplock bag to keep your JW card and money safe while on the go
– 1 x water bottle 
Scouter Jeremy
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