Investiture 2010 [26th – 27th Feb]

Hi all,
We have come one full cycle again to welcome our new recruits into the Unicorn family. This year, we are proud to have 11 Sec 1 Scouts (6 boys, 5 girls) to be invested this coming Saturday. Details below:
Friday [26th Feb] – For Sec 1s only
Reporting time: 6.45pm
Assembly area: Scouts Den
Attire: PT Kit
Notes: – All Sec 1s are to have your dinner before coming for the camp. The ‘Things to Bring’ list is further down in this post.
Saturday [27th Feb] – All
Reporting time: 8am
Assembly area: Scouts Den
Attire: Full Uniform (unicorn scarf)
– Those reporting today will follow the packing list below except for sleeping bag.
– There will be a badge presentation on this day, so ensure your uniform is standard. e.g. white socks is a no-no and you won’t get your badges as well.
Packing List
1) Full Scout Uniform (beret + badge, shirt and pants/culottes, belt, black shoes, socks, national scarf, epaulettes)
2) 2 sets of clothing (t-shirt, shorts and undergarments)
3) Towel
4) Toiletries (shampoo, shower foam, toothbrush & toothpaste)
5) Sandals (for shower and nightwear)
6) Stationery
7) Sleeping Bag (for those staying overnight)
8) Hanger
9) Fork/spoon
10) Water Bottle
11) Green Scout Booklet (for Sec 1s)
Scouter Jeremy
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