Chingay 2010

In collaboration with The Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE), The Singapore Scout Association (SSA) will be taking part in the Yellow River Segment of next year’s Chingay Parade (19th -20th Feb 2010).  SSA would be fielding some 80 members as part of the 400-member contingent formed by other youth members as well as ex-offenders. 

Lasting for about 20 minutes, the Yellow River is one of the most important human civilisations in Asia and it symbolises “Forward looking and advancing life with great vibrancy”.  This is in line with the objective Yellow Ribbon Project where we seek community support to give deserving ex-offenders a second chance in life and so they can break the stigma and look forward once again. In addition, the strength of the Yellow River is also what we would like to see in the reintegration efforts and hope that it will travel thousand miles benefiting countless who seek to return to the society. 

Participants will aid to create this great yellow wave of about 360m along the parade route.  They will be holding huge yellow cloths to create the giant waves.  Each cloth can represent a huge yellow ribbon and when the river flows open, performers (PA) will then run in formation for their performances. 

The Rehearsal dates are as follows:-

Combined Rehearsals

15 Jan 2010 (Fri) 6-9pm @ F1 Pit Building

17 Jan 2010 (Sun) 6-9pm @ F1 Pit Building

23 Jan 2010 (Sat) 3-6pm @ F1 Pit Building

27 Jan 2010 (Wed) Optional 7-10pm @ PA HQ

03 Feb 2010 (Wed) 7-10pm @ F1 Pit Building


Full Dress Rehearsals

06 Feb 2010 (Sat) 7-10pm @ F1 Pit Building

18 Feb 2010 (Thu) 8.30pm-10pm @ F1 Pit Building


Actual Performance Dates@ F1 Pit Building

19 Feb 2010, Friday, 8.30pm
20 Feb 2010, Saturday, 8pm 

The benefits and conveniences provided by SCORE are as follows

a)     Free Costume

b)    Refreshments and Meals

c)     Transportation

All participating students will be awarded CIP points.

We encourage your Scouts/Ventures/Rovers to participate in this meaningful and worthwhile annual event watched by local and international audiences.  We hope your scouts can be part of this event to demonstrate the inclusiveness of our society.


Please take note of the dates highlighted in red. The first rehearsal will be on this coming Sunday. Details below (can be found in consent form as well):

Date of Activity: 17,23, 27 Jan; 3, 6, 18, 19, 20 Feb
Attire: Half-U with Scout Tee (costume to be provided later)
Venue: F1 Pit Building/PA HQ
Assembly Area/Time: Scout HQ/ 45 mins before time stated as above (5.15pm for rehearsals)
Time to Dismiss: According to schedule
I/Cs: Kenneth and Alex

The following names are those who will be attending the event (All Sec 2s and selected Sec 3/4):

Alex Neo
Ren Jie

Kenneth Chan
Jun Wei

Jasper Low
Cheng En

Ong Hui Li

Nickson Ng Qin

Julia Lim Wei

Gan Ze Zhou

Kelvin Chew
Yong Jian

Li Wei Zheng

Wang Bin

Lai Wei Song

Benson Yeo
Shao Jie

Cliff Foong
Chun Yang

Leong Kwong

Mervyn Yee
Xuan Wen

Tang Hoong

Nur Amalina
Bte Anuar

Wong Siu Ling

Sim Yen Hwee

Erwin Iskandar

Ee Wei Han

*If your name has been left out, please inform me via the tagboard. For more details, please check out with Ms Hamida.

Scouter Jeremy

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