Hike Logbook Submission

The following hike logbooks have been received:

1) Benjamin
2) Chen Lu
3) Sharlene
4) Ze Zhou
5) Casmond
6) Jasper
7) Hanafi
8) Atiqah
9) Ann Peng
10) Alicia
11) Huili
The following has been given time extension due to camp attendance or valid reason:
1) Meiqi
2) Nickson
3) Clement
4) Alex
5) Julia
6) Desiree
The following did not submit their logbook by the deadline given (CD or email) and hence considered failed:
1) Mandy
2) Wei Kang
3) Wei Han
4) Erwin
5) Chia Hsuan
Those who emailed me or Scouter Shafri are required to pass us a hardcopy (in CD) during the next meeting.
SL Jeremy
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