What can I pass?

Hi Scouts,
Some of you have been asking whether what tests can you pass if you attended this camp and for the benefit of those who will be going, here are the tests that you can clear by just attending the camp.
Scouts Standard
1) Cooking 1c: Be able to operate & maintain the gas stove
2) Camp 1a & b: Pitch and strike a tent and pack a rucksack for weekend camp
Adv Scouts Standard
1) Camp 2a & b: Go for an outdoor camp under tentage and pitch/strike a ridge tent
First Class Scout Std
1) Outdoor Proficiency Badge: Camper [mainly for sec 3s as there is a quota on number of days camping outside]
2) Cooking 3: Cook at least 2 meals for your patrol during patrol or unit camp
3) Camp 3: Having camp outdoors under tentage for at least 10 nights (those attending the camp can chalk up 3 nights)
See you guys tommorow!
SL Jeremy
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