Adv Hike Logbook Deadline – 5th Dec

Congrats to all who have completed the walking phase of the Adv Hike. 

The next phase would be your logbook phase. I think all of you would be very happy to know that your logbook deadline is extended till 5th December(pass up on the day of the Unicorn Group Camp) to give you more time to do up a proper hike logbook and meet the requirements as stated. Do note that the longer amount of time given to you is not for you to put off doing the logbook until the last minute, but to give you sufficient time to complete a good piece of work.
During this time, if you require help, do seek advice from either Kah Kien, Kenneth or Zhu Zhi as they have been through the hike and have completed their logbooks successfully. Do note that their logbooks are all similar in standard, so seek help from any of them and I’m sure they’ll be able to guide you through the process.
Fyi, the marks allocated to the whole hike is broken down as follow:
Hike Component: 40%
– teamwork & allocation of duties
– cooking 
Logbook Component: 60%
– criteria as found on the blog under ‘Downloads’
Each group must pass both hike and logbook components in order to clear your Adv Hike. Which means, even if you score full marks for your logbook but only 10% for your hike, the whole Adv Hike is considered as failed. 
SL Jeremy
ps: Please note that neither Shafri or myself will be entertaining any questions on how to do the logbooks so please check with those 3 who have passed their Adv Hike to guide you through.
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