Adv SS Hike Details [21st – 22nd Nov]

To those involved,
Please take note of the details for the upcoming Adv SS Hike.
Adv Hike: Saturday – Sunday [21st – 22nd Nov]
Meeting Venue: Woodlands MRT Station Control
Meeting Time: 0830hrs
Attire: Full Scout Uniform (without beret, can wear sport shoes)
– Please have a filling breakfast before you embark on the hike.
– Do have a good night’s rest the day before and drink lots of water before you go for the hike.
– Do ensure that you have the compulsory items listed below.
– Each group are allowed to take 2 gadget poles to be used as hiking sticks along for the hike. You can also use them to double up as clothes line during the night to air your uniforms. Don’t forget the cotton twine. =)
Packing List
Below are the compulsory items that you should have for the hike:
Group Items
– Map & Compass
– Group First Aid Kit
– Camera (preferably digicam and not HP; if there are more people with cameras, even better)
– Tent
– Stationery or recorder (for scribe)
Personal Items
– Poncho (no umbrellas for hike)
– Water bottle (1 litre at least)
– 1 full set of clothing and toiletries/towel (for night wear)
– Ensure your ez-link card has sufficient amount of money for a couple of bus/train rides
– $10 at least
– Food to last for 2 days. No buying of food allowed for the whole duration of the hike.

The following are the groupings for the Adv SS Hike. There will be no further changes. Do take note:

Team A
Mandy +submitted
Chia Hsuan +submitted
Wei Kang 
Clement +submitted
Alex +submitted
Team B
Alicia +submitted
Wei Han 
Jasper +submitted
Desiree +submitted
Team C
Ann Peng +submitted
Huili +submitted
Erwin +submitted
Hanafi* +submitted
Team D
Julia +submitted
Ze Zhou +submitted
Casmond +submitted
Meiqi +submitted
Team E
Benjamin +submitted
Atiqah +submitted
Chen Lu +submitted
Sharlene +submitted

The names in blue are those who have submitted their consent forms to Ms Hamida already. Those who have not submitted will not be allowed to go for the hike. Group members, please ensure that your whole group has submitted their consent forms to Ms Hamida by Friday.
Note: Benjamin and Hanafi will be swapping teams because Hanafi and Xuanyi have both went for the Adv hike before and could lend their experience to other teams separately.
For teams whose group members aren’t present today, it is your responsibility to inform them of what to do/bring. (I’ve put an asterisk for those who are not present today). Teams without full strength or member who have not submitted their consent forms will not be allowed to go for the hike on the day.
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