Combine Meeting/Briefing on Sat [14th Nov]

Hi all,

Please note that there will be a combined meeting this coming Saturday for all. Details below:
Saturday [14th Nov]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0900hrs to 1100hrs/1230hrs
Attire: Half-U 
– This combined meeting will be to brief all for the upcoming group camp on the 5th – 8th Dec. This will apply to everyone including those who are not able to attend the camp, so please don’t call me and ask me whether you can skip this meeting or not. In case your parents ask, please note that this meeting should be reflected in the school newsletter sent out to everyone before school term ends.
– There will also be a briefing for all Adv hike participants by ASL Shafri. The groupings will be finalized this coming Saturday. Those who are absent will not be able to go for the hike on 21st and 22nd Nov. Your safety and any clarification of doubts is vital to us, and without preparation, there is no way we’ll allow you to take the hike, especially for such a big group. Also, do bring along your consent forms (signed) as well. Again, no consent = no hike.
Scout Competency Test Level 1 (SCT1)
If you recalled, before the exam period, I did brief the whole unit of having to do this Competency Test for all Scout Std holders who have attained their SS 3 months or more. Remember what the thumb over little finger symbolizes? Big brother/sister looking after the younger ones. This also mean passing on the correct scouting knowledge to your juniors. You don’t want to for example, teach a wrong knot or a wrong first-aid technique to your juniors which will lead to unforeseen circumstances in future right? 
Anyway, we’ll be starting the first part of the SCT1 this coming Saturday. It’ll last approximately 45 mins. Don’t worry too much about the test results for now. The test is just to let you see where you stand and how rusty you have become. =) 
What will be tested?
– Everything from your SS including your WSB. For example, Knowledge of Movement will test you on whether you know when Scouting was founded and when/who established Scouting in Singapore. Only the essential knowledge will be tested.
– Basic Unit History (Can be found in this blog, first few posts in 2007 archives)
– Must know at least 5 songs and 3 cheers, including basics like Campfire’s Burning and our Unicorn Cheer of course.
– Short discussion on what Scouting mean/has done for you up to now, so do spend some time thinking about it.
You won’t be tested on every single item in the list. For example, you won’t be asked to do a thumb knot or every static foot drill. 
Who is eligible for the test?
Sec 3: Zhu Zhi, Kenneth, Kah Kien, Chen Lu, Xuanyi, Benjamin, Hanafi, Desiree, Meiqi
Sec 2: Nickson, Chia Hsuan, Clement, Jasper
Those names mentioned above, please do some reading up/practicing. No doubt I mentioned that this is to do a self-check on your own abilities, those who get a C grade would have to re-take the test. =)
2012 Movie
Those who are interested in catching this movie, we’ll be watching this movie after meeting this coming Saturday. The time schedule is not out yet so I’ll update it later on. Those who want to watch have to pay for the ticket by themselves, though I can sponsor 2-3 sets of munchies, subject to availability of my pocket. =)
Sport Climbing
Those who are supposed to go for the Sports Climbing, please bring $10 this coming Saturday. No money = priority given to those waiting in the queue.
SL Jeremy
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