15th Nippon Jamboree 2010

Hi all,

Since the world is supposedly going to end in 2012, why not spend some money and attend a once-in-a-lifetime Jamboree in Japan? =D
Jokes aside, a Jamboree is a fantastic event and should be considered a ‘pilgrimage’ for every Scout to attend once in a lifetime. The cost might deter some of you, but do note that we’ll try our best to subsidize as much as possible through various school/scout fundings available, especially to deserving Scouts. Check out the details below:

Greetings from The
Singapore Scout Association (SSA)!


We are pleased to inform
you that the Scout Association of Japan is organising the 15th Nippon
 at the Jamboree Site at the foot of Mt. Fuji from 2
– 8 August 2010
. There will be about 1,000 overseas participants in
addition to 20,000 Scouts and Leaders throughout Japan. A warm welcome and
traditional hospitality will await the participants. Exciting and challenging
activities will strengthen the ties and mutual friendship among overseas and
Japanese participants. SSA encourages all Scout Groups to send their members to
this jamboree.





2nd to 8th August 2010.
Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday, 1 August and may leave Monday,
9 August.



Located at the western foot of Mt. Fuji.

Asagiri Plateau – Fujinomiya City,
Shizuoka Prefecture



: Average
 between 19.7and 24.5 degrees celsius.



“Take Wing to the World!”



: Scouts (aged 12-18 on 1 August 2010)

  Leaders (aged 19 and over)

  IST (aged 19 and above)



: S$2400. The fees include Air Ticket, Travel Insurance, Jamboree
Participation kit (Badge and ID), meals for the duration of the Jamboree, for
23 meals from dinner on 1 August.


You are strongly
encouraged to use your group funds to subsidies your deserving participants.
Apart from subsidies from the group funds, MOE students can apply for
“Opportunity Funds” or “Internationalization Funds” from their respective
schools. They can also apply to use their Edusave.


All applications must be
submitted to SSA HQ on or before 5pm on 1st February
The following items must be submitted together with the


  • Completed SSA International
    Overseas Scout Event Application Form duly signed by parents or guardian
    with Sponsoring Authority’s Endorsement.
  • Two passport size photographs
    in Scout Uniform;
  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • Jamboree fees of S1000/-
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