No meeting this week but..

Hi all, 

There will be no meeting
this coming week. Instead, I’ll urge all PLs/APLs to use the holidays to bring
your patrol members (especially Sec 1s) to Beach Road/Scout Shop to get the
following items in preparation of camp:

1) Poncho and
Groundsheet (everyone must have their personal set. Poncho shouldn’t be using
disposable kind)

2) Haversack (useful to
have especially for Sec 1s who will be going for PLTC next year as well. Many
compartments for easy storage of Mess tin, etc.)

3) Pocket knife

4) Torchlight

5) Messtin (1 set
comprising of one large and one medium)

6) Large ziplock bags
(to put your dirty laundry. The ziplock bags are bigger and sturdier than those
that you see in NTUC or Cold Storage)

7) Water booties. If you
do not know what are these, click here
Water booties are very
useful especially when camping in places where you have contact with a lot of
water/mud. Rather than bring another set of old shoes, these water booties can
be easily washed and put away for future use.


**Items marked with asterisks are compulsory to
get. The rest are optional but good to have throughout your scouting life.
Water booties and haversack should cost no more than $20 each, while the rest
will cost an average of $5 each.


Scout Shop [Closed on
Sundays & Mondays]

1) Woggles (Those with
faded woggles or lost your woggles, please go and buy a few to keep at home)

2) Scout Socks (Everyone
should have at least 2 pairs. Can be used for camps etc.)

3) Scout Standard Guide
Book (It’s in pink. Very useful to have)

 Stay tune for the next
meeting which will be a briefing session at Unity the following Saturday. By
the way, the movie
 2012 will be released next week. Some of us suggested
catching it together after the briefing session. Anyone interested to go?


SL Jeremy

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