Meeting on Saturday [31st Oct]

Hi all,

Please note that there will be no meeting on 30th Oct, Friday, as it’s a half-day for all. As such, we’ll be having a meeting this coming Saturday. Do note that meetings stated here are considered compulsory and attendance will be taken as usual. Meeting details as follow:
Saturday [31st Oct]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0830hrs – 1330hrs
Attire: Full-U (Bring PT Kit)
Duty Patrol/PL: Panther/Nickson Seahorse/Sharlene

Duty Scouter: ASL Shafri
– All Scouts are to bring your green booklets with you (in fact, every meeting). 
– Sec 2s and 3s are to bring your stationery. We’ll be having an Adv Pre-hike briefing. 
– Sec 1s will be having a mini ‘gateway’ competition. You are required to bring chopsticks (disposable), UHU glue and string. Winning gateway will be used for next year’s orientation. 
(There is some changes in the Duty Patrol/PL as requested by the duty Scouter)
Additional News
Sport Climbing [22nd Dec]
Those who signed up for Sport Climbing, please take note that it’ll be on 22nd Dec. (If the dates are reflected differently on the School Newsletter, please ignore as there has been some changes from the organizer) Do note that we’ll require participants to fork out $10 in cash, a fraction of the $50 normally charged for this activity. The unit will be absorbing the rest of the cost. Do note that there are only 15 slots max so names listed here will be first-come-first serve basis.
Names who have signed out for this activity:
1) Siu Ling *paid
2) Yen Hwee *paid
3) Mervyn
4) Jasper *paid
5) Kelvin *paid
6) Weisong
7) Julia *paid
8) Meiqi *paid
9) Desiree *paid
10) Chia Hsuan *paid
11) Amalina *paid
12) Kenneth *paid
13) Clement
14) Alex
15) Zhu Zhi *paid
16) Ze Zhou *paid
17) Benjamin *paid
18) Erwin *paid
19) Kah Kien *paid
*In the queue so if there is anyone who pulled out, you’ll move up to take the slots.
*(Those interested, please make your payment latest by 16th Nov to secure your slots.)
Volunteers for YOG (No Limit)
1) Siu Ling
2) Clement
3) Kelvin
4) Ze Zhou
5) Benjamin
6) Erwin
7) Jasper
8) Alex
9) Casmond
10) Kenneth
For YOG, it’ll be two weeks, starting sometime after NDP. You’ll be involved in various duties. I’ll post more details when I have them. For Sec 4s, I’ll have to check but if there is no conflict from School and event, you should be able to participate as well.
SL Jeremy
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