Stand-down for Exams

Hi Scouts,

In a week’s time, examinations would have commenced. Scouting will have to take a backseat for the next 3 weeks. In Scouts, most of you managed to pull up your socks so to speak and were very enthusiastic in your scouting progress. Despite H1N1 and the long breaks in between, progress has been good with a lot of you getting your Scout and Advance Standards and chalking up many proficiency badges. For those who have yet to achieve your Standards, do not be too worried as we’ll help one another to achieve those targets before the year is over.
Meanwhile, do work hard for your examinations during this period. I hope you guys continue to encourage one another during this stressful period. Form study groups with your fellow Scouts to help one another in your weaker subjects, or else create a timetable and stick to it. For the Sec 2s who are undergoing streaming, do work hard as this is a minor crossroad for you in your path to working towards the subject combinations of your choice. For Sec 4s, O levels will be a significant milestone in your life, and do remember, there is no turning back of time, so do put in the extra burst. For the rest, I hope that you can do yourself as well as the unit proud by putting your best foot forward. ‘I promise to do my best..’ is also a personal pledge to yourself to give your all in whatever you do, so do it well!
Wishing everyone all the best in your examinations ahead. 
Yours in Scouting,
SL Jeremy
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