Holiday Activities for Sept

Hi Scouts,
Below is a summary of the holiday activities taking place. Those involved, please ensure that you attend the courses/events stated.
Adult First-Aid Course [Tues: 080909 to Thu: 100909]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 8am – 4pm
Attire: PT Kit
– Lunch will not be provided, please bring your own money
– Writing materials is a must
– Those with lessons, please inform your respective teachers personally that you will be going for the adult First Aid Course and will need to complete the whole duration of the course to get the certification. Please check with Ms Hamida should you have any problems.
– You are required to attend ALL 3 days of the course. Skipping one day will automatically disqualify you from the course and you’d have to pay a refund of $80.
Namelist of participants
1) Jasper
2) Clement
3) Wei Han
4) Nickson
5) Julia
6) Sharlene
SANA Course @ Seng Kang CC [Thu: 100909]
Meet-up venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 8am – 2pm (Be in school by 7.45am Bus leaves punctually at 8am)
Attire: *Scout tee with school pants/skirt (bring shorts)
– There will be a one way transport to Seng Kang CC. Please make your way back home from there once the course is over.
– Bring along your water bottle, writing materials and money for own lunch.
Namelist of participants*
1) All Sec 1s (13 of you minus Mervyn)
2) Alex
3) Benjamin
4) Ze Zhou
5) Daniel
6) Casmond
7) Kah Kien
8) Zhu Zhi
9) Erwin
*Any of the above who are unable to make it for the course, please inform me before hand. There are still 2-3 spaces up for grabs. Those who are interested and want to attend, please inform me by Wednesday afternoon latest.
Den & Logshed Maintenance [Fri: 110909] – Selected
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 9.30am onwards
Attire: PT Kit
IC: QM Hanafi/AQM Nickson
15 volunteers max needed to assist in Scout Den and Logshed maintenance. Please contact either QMs to inform them of your attendance.
– Be prepared to work hard! Target is to tidy up and re-arrange the logshed so as to free up space for equipment. 
– As an added incentive, this ‘event’ will be considered as one job as part of the Jobman badge. However, everyone who is present is expected to chip in. At the end of the day, QM will recommend who is eligible for the criteria. 
Yong En Centre Flag Day [Sat: 120909]
Meet-up venue: Unity Secondary  Bugis MRT Station Control – Outside Pharmacy
Duration: 8am – 2pm
Attire: Half-U Full Uniform (bring Half-U)
– This event is compulsory for all Sec 3s to fulfill your mandatory 5 hours of CIP for this year. Do bring along a water bottle and sufficient money for lunch.
Hougang Scouts Gangshow [Sat: 120909]
Meet up venue: Unity Secondary – outside General Office
Duration: 5.30pm – 10pm
Attire: Full U (can wear your fanciful scarves, woggles etc.)
– There will be a 2 way transport provided
– This event is not compulsory, but you are strongly encouraged to attend as we have hardly attended any campfires this year due to the H1N1 issue.
– Do have an early lunch before turning up. Should the school gates be locked, the holding area will be the block opposite the school.
SL Jeremy
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