To the following who achieved their Scout and Adv Scout Standards during camp. They are:
Scout Standard
Ong Wei Kang
Julia Lim
Casmond Lim
Ee Wei Han
Advance Scout Standard
Kerk Zhu Zhi
Kenneth Chan
Diong Kah Kien
You are allowed to wear up to 5 proficiency badges (For Scout Std) and 10 proficiency badges (For Adv SS) respectively. For those who have yet to achieve your Standards, hope that you can be spurred on by your fellow Scouts to achieve your targets. I’d also encourage all to take this time to get a few more proficiency badges (Proficiency badges criteria can be downloaded from blog). Last but not the least, do ensure that you continue to refresh and practice your skills that you have acquired and also passed down your knowledge to your fellow Scouts who have yet to pass their various tests.
SL Jeremy
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