Scouts Leadership Camp

Hi Scouts,
The second half of the year has been a quiet one for us due to H1N1. A unit camp is certainly long overdue. I’m sure most of the sec 1s have not had the opportunity to camp outdoors under tentage before. This camp will be an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy the outdoors! Unlike other camps, this camp will be a unique one as it is planned for Scouts, by Scouts.
We hope to learn from each other and impart our knowledge and skills to you. Hope to see you in camp this coming friday. It’ll be bet! ^^

Scouts Leadership Camp [4th & 5th Sep] – Compulsory

Venue: Unity Secondary School
Assembly time: 4pm for Sec 1&2, 3.15PM for Sec3
Attire: Full Uniform with beret
1) All are to have their lunchs before attending the camp.
2) Please collect firewoods before the camp.
3) Take the consent form from Ms.Hamida’s pigeon hole and hand in latest on friday.
4) Please note the following items that you have to bring for the camp & your groupings.
  • Full Uniform (incl. beret, Unicorn scarf, woggle, shirt, belt, pants/skirt, Scout socks, black shoes)
  • 3 Sets of PT Kit (T-Shirt and shorts, preferably dark-coloured – not enough tee can bring plain home tee)
  • 3 Sets of Undergarments 
  • Sleeping Bag (optional) 
  • Water Bottle (1.5 litres or more)
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cream, powder, towel, comb)
  • Necessary medication 
  • 1 Set of Fork, spoon and mess tin
  • Note book and writing materials 
  • Groundsheet & poncho (No borrowing allowed)
  • Torchlight 
  • Swiss Army Knife (optional)
  • 4 or more Plastic bags
  • Rags (For area cleaning)
  • Sandals/slippers (for night wear and bathing)
  • Sewing Kit
Take note especially of the items highlighted in bold.


  • Group 1: Jasper, Jiaming, Mervin, Julia, Amalina Daniel
  • *Group 2: Nickson, Hoong Jing, Mandy, Yen Hwee, Benson, Erwin
  • *Group 3: Clement, Marcus, Hui Li, Kwong Shin, Wang Bin, Sharlene
  • *Group 4: Casmond, Wei Song, Zezhou, Chia Hsuan, Atiqah
  • *Group 5: Wei Han, Justin, ZhiGao, Siu Ling, Ann Peng
  • *Group 6: Alicia, Kelvin, Yi Kai, Wei Kang, Cliff

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