CIP on Friday [14th August]

Hi all,

Below is the details for this week’s meeting:
CIP @ MacRitchie Reservoir – For Sec 1 & 2 only [14th August]
Assembly point: Unity Secondary – Scouts Den
Duration: 2.45pm to 7.15pm
Attire: Half-U. For girls, scout/school tee with track pants
– Everyone should bring your own water bottle, poncho. Light refreshments will be provided during the trip.
– APLs to bring trash bags along (get from QM)
Meeting on Friday – For Sec 3 [14th August]
Duration: 2.30pm – 5pm
Attire: PT Kit
– There will be an outdoor cooking session for NCC with Sec 3 Scouts as instructors
– There will also be a pre-hike briefing and preparation for those involved in the Advance Scout Standard Hike 
Advance Scout Standard Hike [15th -16th August]
Duration: 8.30am (Sat) – 1pm (Sun)
Attire: Full Uniform
– Pre-hike briefing to be conducted on Friday. Consent forms will be issued on Thursday.
SL Jeremy
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