NDP Celebration [7th Aug]

Hi all,

Please note the details for NDP celebration this coming Friday (only concerns those involved in the parade).
Friday [7th Aug]
Venue: Outside Scouts Den
Assembly time: 0645hrs sharp
Attire: Full Uniform with beret/gloves
– Please have a good breakfast before coming to school. We don’t wish to have anyone fainting during the parade.
– All are to ensure that they have the proper attire on, i.e. National scarf, beret, green socks and gloves (don’t forget to bring). There will be a uniform inspection conducted before the ceremony.
– All girls in the contingent are to ensure that their hair are tied and pinned up properly. If need to, please go spray/gel your hair up.
– Lastly, do have an early rest the night before. There will be a temperature taking exercise this coming Friday so do bring along your thermometers. 
‘Up’ the movie
Those involved (NPC guys and NDP guys with full attendance) are to confirm your attendance with Ms Hamida by Friday latest. Tickets have already been purchased.
SL Jeremy
PS: DD tickets deadline on Friday. PLs please consolidate all tickets and money and pass them to me by latest Friday unless you have reasons.
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