Marching Contingent – Confirmation List

Hi all,
Below are the names for the finalized list of participants for the NDP contingent. Unless you have a valid reason, the list will not undergo any further changes.
Contingent Cmdr: Kenneth
RSM (Parade 2IC): Zhu Zhi
Colours: Benjamin
Flag Raiser: Meiqi
Handing/Taking Over: Benjamin
Marching Contingent
1) Weikang
2) Chia Hsuan
3) Nickson
4) Clement
5) Weihan
6) Sharlene
7) Huili
8) Julia
9) Alicia
10) Ann Peng
11) Hanafi
12) Alex
13) Kah Kien
14) Casmond
15) Jasper
All participants (including reserve) are required to attend every rehearsal. The rehearsal dates are on the Newsflash section. In addition, please remember to bring your thermometer and water bottles to every rehearsals (Contingent Cmdr to ensure temp. taking and water parade gets carried out before the start of every rehearsal). Unless stated, all rehearsals are in half-U (i.e. scout/school tee and school pants/skirt). No PT kit is allowed.
SL Jeremy
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