Donation Draw Selling Day

Hi Scouts,

First of all, congratulations to all those who have attended and passed your PLTC. Be it fun or tiring, I hope this course has served its purpose of instruction and granting you all an idea of what the roles and responsiblities a PL should be equipped with. Please do not throw away your manual as there will be a time when you will need it for reference.
Anyway, as we slip into the 3rd week of holidays, it is vital that each one of us do a part for the unit through the selling of donation draw tickets. I can’t emphasize the importance of raising funds for the unit since being a non-profit organization, most of our funding for activities and such will come from Job Week and Donation Draw. As such, I’m making it compulsory for everyone to sell a minimum of the 10 booklets issued (leaders this time round will also do our part, not to worry).
To make it easy for everyone, we’ll be setting aside 2 days during the remainder of the holidays to try to clear as many booklets as possible. As such, here are the details below:
Wednesday [17th June]
Assembly Area: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0900hrs – 1700hrs
Attire: Scout T-shirt w any bottoms (shorts/berms/jeans). Proper shoes, strictly no slippers.
PLTC participants holding on to the tents, spars, first-aid kit etc are to return the items to the Scouts Den. QM/AQM to ensure and do stock-taking.
– Please bring along a small bag with your Donation Draw tickets, pens, water bottle. Those who forget to bring their Donation Draw tickets will have to get extra from me, on top of what you have already at home. 
– Those who have passed their booklets to their parents to help sell, not to worry. Do turn up as well and I’ll issue you 5 booklets each. We still have 30+ booklets left over and our target this year is to clear whatever booklets that are given to us.
– We’ll be assigning everyone a specific area to cover
– This event is not compulsory but everyone is strongly encouraged to turn up. Selling DD tickets can be a tad boring doing it alone, so why not do it all together instead of waiting till school reopens? 
See you people on Wed!
SL Jeremy
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