PLTC Preparation / Service Scouts

Hi all,

This message is for all Sec 2 PLTC participants and selected Sec 3 Service Scouts. 
PLTC Participants (Sec 2)
1) Clement
2) Erwin
3) Ze Zhou
4) Casmond
5) Marcus
6) Weikang
6) Wei Han
7) Daniel
8) Nickson
9) Chia Hsuan
10) Ann Peng
11) Atiqah
12) Julia
13) Huili
14) Mandy
15) Sharlene
PLTC Preparation [10th Jun – Wed]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0930hrs  – 1130hrs
Attire: PT Kit
All PLTC Participants are required to turn up at the timing stiuplated to prepare your group equipment for PLTC. Do bring along your ‘things-to-bring’ list. 
PLTC [12th – 14th Jun]
Reporting Venue: Unity Secondary
Reporting Time: 0715hrs
Attire: Full Uniform
There will be a mini bus to take all participants to BPGHS. Please ensure that you have sufficient rest the night before as well as your breakfast before coming to school. Do follow your packing list as given to you.
PLTC Service Scouts (Selected) [11th Jun – 14th Jun]
Reporting Venue: BPGHS
Reporting Time: 1700hrs (Thursday)
Attire: Half-U
– Due to sufficient manpower, only the following names are required to turn up for PLTC as Service Scouts. They are:
1) Kah Kien
2) Kenneth
3) Alex
4) Xuanyi
5) Zhu Zhi
The rest whose names are not in the list need not attend. 
– All Service Scouts have to report to BPGHS one day prior to PLTC (yes, on thursday 5pm itself) in order to prepare for the camp and to be briefed on your respective roles and stations. (ps: I’ll take you guys out for dinner for your additional efforts =) )
SL Jeremy
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