Hi scouts! 😀
Here’s the details for friday’s meeting:
Venue: Unity sec
Duration: 1400hrs-1800hrs
Attire: Full-u with pt kit
Duty Patrol/PL: Whale/ Desiree bin!
Duty Scouter: ASL Shafri
– There will be an inter-patrol outdoor cooking session this week
– The theme is ‘pizza making’
– Each patrol is to make 2 different pizzas and a side-dish (eg. coleshaw, salad, garlic bread, fruits etc)
– Ingredients provided:
  •  Flour (1box/patrol)
  •  Pizza Sauce (4bottles share)
  •  Aluminium foil 

Please note that each patrol is to bring their own toppings (e.g. shredded chicken, hotdog, pineapple, cheese..etc). Be creative and innovative.

– As this is a competition, patrols will ve judged on the following criteria:
  1. Types of pizza toppings
  2. Flavour
  3. Presentation
  4. Edibility (eg. not burnt or half-baked)
  5. Creative dish
– Pls ensure that you have collected enough tinder and wood way before hand. No chopping/burning of pioneering poles
-Sec1 and those who have yet to complete cooking(1) can opt to take their test this friday.
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