Meeting on Friday [27th Mar] / Scouts Skills Day [28th Mar]

Hi Scouts,
Please take note of the following activities for the week:
Friday [27th March]
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Duration: 1500hrs – 1830hrs
Attire: Full Uniform (bring PT kit)
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
Duty Patrol / PL: Whale / Desiree
– We’ll do some practices for the following day’s Scouts Skills Day plus preparation of equipment.
– Bumblebee badges will be given out.
– Whale and Seahorse patrols are to ensure that they complete the mini campsite structure and submit by this day.
Saturday [28th March] – Scouts Skills Day
Venue: Swiss Cottage Secondary (transport provided to and fro)
Duration: 0800hrs – 1330hrs (turn up 10 mins earlier)
Attire: PT Kit (scout or school tee) Full Uniform (bring half-U)
– This competition involves all those who are taking part in the various events (see name list in the previous post). Those who are not involved are not required to attend.
– Do ensure that you have adequate rest and drink lots of water before the event.
– No lunch is provided so do bring some lunch money and do have a good breakfast before turning up.
Please note that Full Uniform is required for the Scouts Skills Day as there will be a flag break/flag lowering ceremony conducted. In addition, please note that those participating in the Blindfold Tentage and 3-2-1 Flagpole events must be in their Full-U during the competition. The rest can be in half-U.
SL Jeremy
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