Scouts Skills Day Participants

Hi Scouts,
The Bukit Panjang District Scouts Skills Day is less than 2 weeks away (28th March). Not everyone has to be there on that day except for those participating, though there will be something for everyone to do. Please take note of the activities that you are participating below:
Event S1: 3-2-1 Flagpole
Chua Chen Lu
Nickson Ng
Jasper Low
Kenneth Chan
Event S2: Sour Grapes
Soh Xuanyi
Ee Wei Han
Mervyn Yee
Kelvin Chew
Lai Wei Song
Justin Li
Tang Hoong Jing
Benson Yeo
Event S3: Chariot Race
Team 1
Kerk Zhu Zhi
Hanafi Iryadi
Benjamin Ong
Diong Kah Kien
Team 2
Ong Wei Kang
Casmond Lim
Clement Ooi
Erwin Iskandar
Event S4: Blindfold Tentage
Alessia Ng
Chew Ann Peng
Alicia Teow
Sharlene Tok
Event S5: Model Campsite Display (To do before 28th March)
Whale & Seahorse patrols – Desiree and Meiqi to be in charge
In addition, there will be an informal meeting on Thursday, 19th March. Details below:
Thursday (19th March) *not compulsory*
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0930hrs – 1230hrs
Attire: PT Kit
– You are NOT REQUIRED to turn up for this meeting unless:
1) AQMs (Hanafi/Nickson) to do stock-take and tidy up Scouts Den after Job Week
2) 3-2-1 Flagpole Team (to practice and prepare equipment)
3) Those taking Observer Badge Part 3 & 4 (only for those who managed to complete parts 1 & 2 before)
4) Secretary (Meiqi)
5) Submission of proficiency badge logbooks
6) Submission of Job Week cards (for those who finished and hit quota)
Please do not turn up if you are planning to come to school and play basketball. I’ll chase you back and ban you from taking tests for the next 1 month! (I’m serious, stay at home and rest) All other tests taking must be subjected to my approval first before turning up to take. Do note that there will be a formal meeting this coming saturday as well for everyone.
SL Jeremy
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