Investiture and Founder’s Day Rally [20th – 21st Feb]

Hi Scouts,
Investiture is a time where we formally welcome our new recruits into the scouting family. Please see below for the details:
Friday [20th Feb]
Founder’s Day Observance
Venue: Unity Secondary
Assembly time: 0645hrs
Reporting Attire: Full Uniform with beret
Notes: You are allowed to change out of your full uniform into half-U after the morning observance ceremony. Do bring a hanger and ensure that your uniforms are still smart to wear for the Investiture later at night should you wish to leave your uniforms in school.
Investiture Ceremony

Venue: Unity Secondary
Assembly time: 1700hrs (for all who are taking the World Scout Badge test and other *Scout Std tests)
                         1830hrs (the rest of the unit)
Reporting Attire: Half-U
Duty Scouter: ASL Shafri
Notes: Those reporting by 1830hrs are to have their dinner before turning up. All sec 1s and 2s who are taking their WSB test are to assemble outside the Scouts Den before 1700hrs. Do note that everyone will be staying overnight in school, so do bring the following:
– Full Uniform (with the National scarf)
BP Scarf (those who have it, for saturday’s Rally)
– 1 set of clothing including undergarments
– 1 extra t-shirt (dark for girls)
– toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel etc.)
– Stationery (for those taking tests)
– Sandals/Slippers
– Sleeping Bag – optional
– Sweater/jacket – optional
– Extra cash
*do not bring any valuables to camp, ie. PSP, iPod..etc
Saturday [21st Feb] – Founder’s Day Rally
Duration: 0800hrs – 1700hrs
Notes: Sec 1s will have a separate programme and would be dismissed by 1pm. The rest will be dismissed latest by 5pm.
Those who are purchasing the dri-fit t-shirt are to bring $15 this coming friday.
SL Jeremy

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