Orientation 2009: Open House

Hi Scouts!
Another year has come and gone and everyone has moved up yet another level. It’s also time for the unit to have fresh recruits coming to join the Unicorn family. As such, much preparation would have to go into ensuring that this year’s sec ones would have something to remember in many years to come, especially if they choose Scouts as their CCA. Please note that attendance for the next 3 days are compulsory as we’ll need every available manpower we could in our preparations.
Wednesday & Thursday [7th & 8th Jan]
Venue: Unity Secondary (outside Scouts Den)
Duration: 1430hrs – 1800hrs
Attire: Bring along a t-shirt to change into (PT Kit accepted)
Note: We’ll be concentrating on getting our main structure done these 2 days.
Friday [9th Jan] – Open House
Venue: Unity Secondary (outside Scouts Den)
Duration: 1330hrs – 1900hrs
Attire: Full Uniform with beret
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
Duty Patrol / PL: Bear / Chenlu
Note: There will not be any flag break but we’ll be concentrating on touching up and the other miscellaneous preparations as required. Please have a quick lunch and meet at the Scouts Den once done.
SL Jeremy 
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