CCA OpenhousePioneering Practice

Hi Scouts,
We will be moving on to Year 2009 very soon. Every year, there will be a CCA Openhouse in first week of school to "sell" our CCA to the new Sec 1s. Every year, scouts will come out with our forte on Pioneering projects. For this upcoming year, we will have the pioneering practice once again to prepare for the project for the openhouse. Below are the details:
CCA Openhouse Pioneering Practice [Monday – Wednesday 29th-31st Dec] Compulsory
Venue: Unity Sec (Scout Den / Log Shed)
Time: 0900hr – 1400hrs
Attire: PT Kit (Shoes to be worn at all times! No sandals allowed)
Leader I/C: SL Yap Kian Wee (Mr Yap)
PL I/C: Budiman (Mon) , Wee Keong (Tue), Xiao Ming (Wed)
Logistics I/C: Joel (Mon – Wed)
– Please report to Scout Den at least 10 mins before to take attendance.
– Ensure that you bring your bottles to hydrate yourself.
– Lunch will not be provided.
– CCACs are only excused on Mon. Please turn up for the other days.
– These 3 days attendance will be counted in 2009 Term 1. Those absent without valid reasons (Parents Letter / MC) will be send to HOD CCA for detention.
SL Hamida
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