NPC Training [1st Nov]

Hi Scouts,
Those of you who managed to attend last weekend’s Leadership Training Camp, I hope you’ve come to see the importance of leadership and teamwork through the games you’ve played. A Scout Unit won’t be able to function properly if everyone does only their own thing and not work together as a team. There will be NO Scout Meeting this coming Friday as none of the leaders would be available. Instead, for those who have not done your World Conservation badge, please try to do so ASAP. Criteria would be put up soon.
There would be NPC training for the team this coming Saturday though. Exams are over and we don’t have much time left. Below are the details:
NPC Training [1st Nov]
Assembly point: Dunearn Secondary School
Duration: 0900hrs – 1400hrs
Attire: Half Uniform
Duty Scouter: ASL Shafri
Notes: NPC Training is compulsory for all NPC team members. We have just a month and a half to do the neccessary training so please do not miss any of the NPC training sessions unless absolutely neccessary. Do take your breakfast before reporting to Dunearn Sec. This week’s program would focus on Camp Development and camping standards.
Should there be any questions, please contact either Ms. Hamida or myself.
SL Jeremy
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