Leadership Training Camp [25th & 26th Oct]

Hi Scouts,
Holidays are around the corner, especially for the sec 1s and 2s, your school holiday officially starts this coming Friday. Many of you have no opportunities to camp under tentage yet, so this would be an excellent time to have a taste of what it is like to camp under the open skies. During this camp, you will also learn the basics of camping, and will be putting what you have learnt in your Scout Standard tests to practice! E.g. pack a rucksack, tent-pitching, first-aid etc.
The theme of this camp will focus on Leadership. In this camp, the Sec 2s will be in charge of their own groups and put whatever skills they’ve picked up for the past 2 years as well as in PLTC into practice. However, this camp will not be just your usual camp. We will be having lots of interesting activities, and it is through all these fun and games that you’ll learn how to lead your groups effectively. For this camp, the Sec 3s will be acting as Facilitators.
The rest of the details are found below:
Leadership Training Camp [25th & 26th Oct] – Compulsory
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Assembly time: 0815 hrs (Lion Patrol to arrive at 0800hrs to set up flag pole)
Attire: Full Uniform with beret
Camp Chief and 2IC: ASL Shafri & ASL Koon Seng
1) All are to have their breakfasts before attending the camp
2) Please note the following compulsory items that you have to bring for the camp. For the rest of the items, I’m sure the Sec 2s would be glad to tell you what to prepare since they have been to many camps before this:
  • $5 camp-fees for food. We will be catering so no one has to cook.
  • 2 sets of clothing with 1-2 extra T-shirts (for telematches and games. Girls to bring dark tees)
  • Ground sheet
  • Water bottle (500 ml at least)
  • Some extra money for lunch on the 2nd day. Due to a slight change in the program, we’ll be cutting short the camp on Sunday to 1pm instead of 3pm.

As this camp is a compulsory one, those who are unable to attend are to provide letters from parents and are to inform either Ms. Hamida or myself 3 days before hand (no last minute). Also, those who have to leave camp midway due to appointments or other reasons are to inform us beforehand as well.

As an added incentive, Sec Ones who are attending this camp would be able to clear most, if not all their Scout Standard criteria and would be able to get their Scout Standards before the end of the year (Just in time to wear for next year’s orientation). So see you there!

SL Jeremy

ps: Sec 3 facilitators are to report at the same time as the rest. Everything is the same except this time round you won’t be participants. =)

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