Meeting on Friday [12th Sept] – Healthy Lifestyle

Hi Scouts,
Please see below for the meeting details:
Friday [12th Sept] – Healthy Lifestyle Day
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Duration: 1500hrs – 1830hrs
Attire: Full Uniform (Bring PT Kit)
Duty Scouter: ASL Jerome
Duty Patrol / PL: Tiger / Kenneth
Meeting this week will be focused on doing a couple of Healthy Lifestyle projects. Most of you have taken and passed your written test paper, but healthy lifestyle is not just about answering questions correctly! As such, please do the following:
– Each patrol is to bring drawing paper (A5 size). During patrol corner, you are to design an Anti-Smoking poster. You must also incorporate the slogan ‘Smoke-Free for Life’.
Surf the internet and print out 3 articles about smoking (patrol effort). One of the articles must come from Bring the articles on friday for discussion.
– Bring your badminton rackets, volleyballs, netballs, basketballs, soccer balls etc to play this coming friday. Everyone must bring their PT kit (tee and shorts). Patrol Leaders please take note.
SL Jeremy
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