Meeting on 3rd September [optional]

Hi Scouts,
There would be a meeting on 3rd September (wednesday). Details as follow:
Wednesday [3rd September] – *Optional
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Duration: 1030hrs to 1500hrs (you can choose to leave anytime)
Attire: PT kit (school or scout tee)
– I’d be giving out the healthy lifestyle test, once in the morning and another after lunch, so try to make it to either sessions if possible. Only upon successful completion of the test will qualify you for the certificate and the badge.
– Attendance for all NPC members is strongly encouraged. We will be focusing on building the basic structure for the pioneering event during NPC. Be prepared to stay on a bit longer beyond 3pm if we are unable to complete.
– The following will be conducted tmr, before lunch (1230hrs):
  • Advance Std: Construct a flag staff of at least 15 ft (2 staves). To be done by grps of 5 -6.
  • Advance Std: Outdoor Precautions – 2 outdoor land and 1 sea activity (Scenario based. In addition to the notes, have to do your own research)
  • Scout Std: Outdoor Precautions Test – theory (highway & country codes). *Get the notes from the Downloads section.
  • Scout Std: Pitch and strike a 4-men tent with another candidate / Pack a rucksack
  • Observer badge: Part A & B
  • Advance hike: Participants are to explore your own district and draw a simple map showing important landmarks and amenities. It should cover 2-3km in radius. Map to be submitted before the hike else it’ll be a no-go.

Those who are going to the Thailand camporee, please bring your completed Form A as well as 2 passport sized photos of yourself in Scout Uniform and submit to me by tommorow if you are coming. Also, please pay together with your cash ($200).

SL Jeremy

ps: Participants of the Advance Hike are to link up with ASL Jerome and get the checkpoints from him. All consent forms must be submitted before the hike, else it’ll also be a no-go.

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