15th Goodwill Camporee – Thailand

Hi Scouts,
The details of the 15th Goodwill Camporee below:
Location: Bangsak Camp, Phang Nga Province, Thailand
Date: 11th to 18th December 2008 (Thurs to Thurs)
Estimated Fee: SGD$450 inclusive of land transport from S’pore to campsite, travel insurance, all meals and inland transport for the whole duration of the camp, activity book, identity tag, souvenier badge and Camp T-shirt
Eligibility: Scouts who are at least 13 years old
Availability: Max. of 100 participants
Latest date of submission: 6th September 2008
Submission of application requires:
– 15th Goodwill Camporee Form A and Form B
2 Passport sized photos in Scout Uniform
$450 non-refundable deposit
Additional Notes
– Goodwill Camps are a cheaper alternative to going to Jamborees, but equally fun! Every scout should go for at least one Camporee in their lifetime.
– You are allowed to use up to half your Edusave Funds (about $250) to pay for the Campore. The reason we don’t allow full subsidy for the Camporee is so that you won’t deplete all your Edusave which can be used for future events if neccessary. Besides, $200 in cash for an 8 day camp (which works out to only $25/day) is extremely affordable. You can change another SGD$100 to about 2400 Baht which should be sufficient for your shopping needs.
– As this is a non-compulsory camp, the Scout Fund will not be used to subsidize this camp further.
– NPC participants will note that NPC ends on 1st December. You’ve about 10 days to rest and prepare to go for this Camporee.
– The closing date is less than 2 weeks away. Those who are interested please confirm with either myself or Ms. Hamida. Do prepare the neccessary photos and forms.
SL Jeremy
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