Donation Draw Returns – Deadline Thursday

The following are those who have not returned the completed Donation Draw booklets issued to you. Please ensure that you returned by latest Thursday (Tomorrow). Those not returned will be considered sold and you would have to fork out the money yourself if you have not sold them.
Also, we don’t accept uncompleted booklets. Meaning if you sold 1 ticket in your booklet, you better sell the rest of the 4 as well.
Names below are those who have yet to submit as of 13th August
– Zhu Zhi
– Alex
– Hanafi (Returned 1 booklet with only 1 ticket sold – owe $8)
– Chao Yan
– Marcus
– Nickson
– Clement Ooi
– Atiqah
– Sharlene
– Shengyan
– Erwin (Returned 2 booklet with only 6 ticket sold – owe $14)
– Xiaoming
– Budiman
– Meiqi
– Xuan Yi (Returned 1 booklet with 4 tickets sold – owe $2)
– Daniel
– Joel
– Desiree
– Wee Keong (Returned 1 booklet with only 1 ticket sold – owe $8)
– Wei Kang
– Clement Chow
– Zhengrong
– Jasper
– Chen Lu
– Weihao
Whosever names that are not mentioned and are holding on to the booklets are to return as well.
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